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Considering the traffic on the road today and how many accidents happen do you think riding a motorcycle is very safe?
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As for me it's not safe to travel motorcycles in highways,  mostly accidents happened and motorcycles are always involve..
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For me, it depends on the driver. If you're careful and mindful of your surroundings, then it can be safe for you.
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Safety is always the watchword. Even if you driving a car on highways you just have to be extremely careful or else accident would be inevitable. Same is applicable to riding of motorcycle on highways.
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Motorcycle is never safe on the highway,it a bit risky and because of this,my country has enacted a law against the use of motorcycle on our highway.So nobody uses or ride a bike on our highway. 
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I agree with you. It depends on who ever is handling the controls. The more careful you are, the lesser the risk of an accident. I prefer motorbikes mostimes to cars because they get me on time even in high traffic situations. Bikes can easily maneuver and find quick access. 
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In my opinion, it's not safe to travel using motorcycles in a very busy road because it's prone to accidents. Personally, I hate motorcycle and its accidents are 80% fatal. 

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Well, it depends from where you are considering driving them. If you are in India or in Brazil motorbikes can be quite dangerous due to the traffic if you are in certain areas in Canada it can dangerous because of snow storms etc...

It always depends on where you are located.

If you are using a bike to drive locally chances are you will be mostly ok. Now if you want to take busy highways I would rather advise you to drive a car instead.
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It all depends on the place and driving habit; in World almost every highway and freeway have two wheelers riding; there are even biker associations who do even stunts; they are experienced people, however with their habit, they might cause accidents. According to some surveys, 18% of road accidents happened with motorcycles, this is a bit short because 82% do not include motorcycles.

However, in something like "Traffic Jam" it is always two wheelers which easily comes out of jam, riders always make their way out fron little left places; so riders might not like to get a ban on the use. 

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