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Dating basically means that both of you find each other interesting, and are in a stage where you wanted to know more about each other. Hence, the series of dates. I think this does not automatically mean that you are already in a relationship because one can date multiple women simultaneously except if you're exclusively dating; but given that everything will fall into place, then you'll have a high chance of being a couple. 
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Thanks for your answer. I also have the same doubt in my mind. Now am clear with my doubts. Thanks again.
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Dating means the partner are seeing each other on a planned basis, it could be for a movie,  a time out with friends or family, or vacation. Courting is when the partners are actually living together prior to marriage, the courting period allows for a partner to fully understand each other and know the differences and weakness that exist.  Marriage is the official union of the partners to become husband and wife.
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In this modern time, when you are dating someone, it means you are a couple. You are exclusive partners in a romantic relationship. So if he says you are dating, then he must have asked you to be his girlfriend/boyfriend and you must have agreed. 
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Generally, he's courting you.  He just wants to know more about you,  your characters and maybe something about your family.  It means he's so much interested in you as a partner and companion and he is intending to get married to you sometime in the future.  This is the whole summary of dating and what happens when you date. 
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It does mean, they are in love and relationship, they go somewhere to spend quality time with each other, and have some fun together.
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It means you are spending time together on a regular basis because you like each other. It usually means there is a romantic link but some people date just as friends. It can be exclusive or you may date others as well but this should be discussed at the beginning of a relationship so that there are no misunderstandings. Make sure you are both on the same page.
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Dating means making relationship. It generally takes place between couples. Dating by lovers, dating by husband and wife can be mentioned here as an appropriate example.
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