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Many studies show that eating red meat is bad for your heart. what do you think?
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With proper diet and balance meal, yes, every food that is good for out overall health including meat.

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Nope, human body is made as "herbivores" it cannot consume meat as "carnivores", living a life of "omnivores" will not give any benefit to heart. Now what people eat, this is their decision; for example, some people eat fish but not meat, some eat eggs but not fish or meat, some do not eat these. Some meat lovers also avoid Red meat; some avoid chicken but eat pork. We have different people of different choices; all choice are different, but effect of what we eat happens to all.
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Many people believe that red meat could be bad for the body. In fact some studies limit the amount one should eat when it comes to beed. - Brazil 100grams per day, USA 500 grams per day.

It can be bad because the meat is not 100% pure, they add hormones to the food of the animals, it is like toxic products used in plants and vegetables...the meat will never be 100% safe...and not only because of that, the protein levels are high and meat takes longer for the body to process..

I do eat meat, but not every day...if you want lighter options eat poultry...even though they also fill up chickens with hormones so they grow in days...
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Well, I wouldn't eat meat raw for sure. But red meat has fat in it which is converted to LDL, or bad cholesterol. Total avoidance of red meat does not mean that the body will not make LDL. It is recommended to avoid foods that cause bad cholesterol. Red meat in moderation is okay and will not hurt you.
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