Do the badges we receive mean anything on this site or are they just there to make us look good?
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I feel excited to receive a batch. It adds to my reputation. It serves as my promotion to the site although it doesn't give me additional earnings. i hope to receive another badgest the soonest. 

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Badges are similar to reputation points you get in forums. Those who have been writing on forums may babe experienced it before. Based on activities, answers, votes etc badges like gold, silver and bronze are awarded. After getting a certain number of badges members will be upgraded as experts, editors and even moderators of this community. The details will be published to a new page soon. You are invited to make your suggestions here as comments. Thank you
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This is excellent and I am looking forward to reading your post. The upgrade sounds promising and it is something to look forward to for sure. 
A badges detail page has been added now. You can check it on the navigation menu.
Thank you so much this is really helpful. I know others were curious about the badges and why you awarded them here. 
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I believe they are just there to make us look good, after all we do not get any cash rewards when getting them.

I am sure people from the Asnweree team will come comment on this afterwards.

I have also been wondering why people who have just asked a couple questions or have almost no activity here get golden medals...seems like the process of getting them is "shady", I mean it has not been explained, thus to me makes no sense.

Wish there would be a session on the website explaining why we get each tag/medal.
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Badges doesn't give us any points or money. It is just to encourage and motivate us. I am get motivated when I am receiving any badges. 
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