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Now I am getting older I make more effort with my health. I try to eat healthily (although I sometimes fail there as I like sweet food) and I make sure that I walk instead of jumping in the car every time I go out.

Mentally I am reading and learning from my online activities every day. I learn about other cultures by coming to Answeree and I like to read for pleasure to keep my brain active. There is a lot of dementia in my family which makes me realise how important it is to keep my mind alert.
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In line with the saying, 'you can't give what you don't have'. There is absolute need to keep oneself mentally, spiritually, and physically refreshed in order to face a very challenging and demanding daily task.
Yes. We should focus on our weak area and should develop it. We should develop ourselves both mentally and physically. 
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Well, as they say learning never stops. So for personal development, I make it a point to learn something new every year. This is typically consists of a series of short, medium, and long-term goals. This year what I wanted to learn is how to be more knowledgeable in GIS and RS tools. Next year, while I plan on being more versed in this field, I will set a goal to learn cartography.

For other self-improvement goals, perhaps I'll learn how to swim or do something to conquer my fear of heights. 
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Interesting, knowledge is power and could be the difference between you and your colleagues, but alongside physical knowledge, spiritual knowledge is also important for balance.
Yes, I agree with you. How about you? What do you usually do to improve yourself? 
Reading, learning, listening to motivational messages, reflection and meditation are all part of my self improvement routine. Without lessons there is no growth.
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I am always a short tempered and have been experiencing this for the past six years.  It has caused me a lot of trouble  especially  with my parents  and siblings.  For the past six months,  I have been trying  to work on this. My aim is to make sure that am in good moods with everyone and this makes me happy.  If I see some argument is about  to erupt,  I just walk away or even remain silent.  Am doing  this pretty well nowadays because I never querrel and if I do,  I later on ask for some forgiveness. 
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Thanks for sharing your experience, it is a good step you have taken, I think the first point of self control is the mind, because most often it what crosses our minds that we act on. 
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It's really important now a days to keep yourself updated about the things around you. For that I do these following activities:

1. From the starting of the day, the day starts with reading the newspaper. It helps me to get to know about what is happening in the world and nearby.

2. Daily exercises and yoga help me to be healthy and fit. It also increases the ability to do the work more efficiently.

3. Read a lot of things to improve my vocabulary and to improve my communication skills.

4. Watching sports and movies keep me updated with the recent games being played worldwide and the top performers in the world.

5. Shopping activities help me to get updated with the prices of the commodities.

6. Last but not the least is the communication with the family and neighbours to get to know about their general life. This is important because you never know if they need your help in any situation.
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I keep on reading success stories of other people and apply their principles in my life.

I keep on writing to express what I have in mind. 

I set my priorities in life and plan out to meet them. When I fail I keep on trying and trying until I reach my goal in life.
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I always learn from my mistake. This is the first step I did to myself to improve me. If someone criticize me, I self valuation myself. 

Always have positive thoughts.
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I keep constantly improving my good habits.I remove the company of the bad persons.I create the environment to live a happy life.I help everyone to achieve the goal.I answer their questions.
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I have started walking instead of a drive, I also started reading newspaper, it will improve my knowledge. I have to improve my handwriting too.
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Reading has always been my paddy and i helps me to improve my self mentally and intellectually, and i also listen to motivational speakers to fill my spirit.
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Well I think as a person growing up i should try to improve on my self by finding out my strength and weaknesses and working on them in place of food take what you know is good for your body and improve your health because HEALTH is WEALTH.
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