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There are plenty of sports that teenagers can do to keep fit, football, tennis, running, walking, swimming. My granddaughter's favourite is swimming because she can go with her friends and have fun at the same time as getting exercise. 

It seems very fashionable to attend the gym these days where you will be advised on what exercise to take part in according to your age and ability so that you don't over do it. Many people choose this way to keep fit and it can be done from a young age.
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For a teenager, sports to keep fit could be running or walking. And should be made a fun activity so the children can enjoy. Age also plays a role in the choice of sports, and it is advisable for children sports to be aerobic with proper protective gear with moderate time. For proper child development, a combination of sport with a good balanced diet is necessary. 
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Definitely not e-sports :) I personally like rollerskating, it's not super tiresome but keeps me in relatively good shape. Also carrying skates around is an exercise in its own right.

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badminton is best exercise for teenager for fitness.

badminton also help to improve concentration in teenager for study also.
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1. Basketball, 2. baseball, 3. football, 4. tennis, 5. soccer, 6. track, 7. wrestling, 8. boxing, 9. MMA, 10. Karate, 11. Pro Wrestling, 12. the gym
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The some of the best sports to keep yourself fit are football, running, swimming and jogging. These sports give your body the perfect exercise to keep yourself fit. 
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