How to recognize false memories? How to know if something really happened or not, when someone says I am remembering things that didn't happen?
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I think the best answer will be to go into research, dig out the truth to confirm if actually what he said is true or false. Though many people have psychic abilities that reveal past events, and have been helpful in solving several criminal cases, but the first step by the investigating body e.g police is to subject all outcome to investigation and develop an evidence from there. In this modern age of ICT, the internet holds a lot more helpful information that could assist any investigation.  
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People's memories are not always accurate. When I talk to my sister about something that happened in our childhood we come up with a completely different memory even though we were both there at the time. She is convinced that she is right and I always think I am. This is why eye witness accounts of an incident cannot always be relied on by the police. It doesn't mean we are lying, it's just that our memory of something that happened is not always correct.
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In the first place how can you have false memories. I think it would be your liking to creating false memories. You need to have solid and real memories not fantasies as I may call them. 
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