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I would say it takes hours with no heating when the temperature is below -15...I believe 48 hours would be enough, especially if your house is not well insulated.

It is always important to keep the heat on while you are away, working or on short trips....making use of the waterline is also essential to avoid this kind of thing.

Experience from living in -35 temperatures + plumber friend :)

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In extremely cold temperatures pipes can freeze in a matter of minutes. However, this normally takes a few hours for the water in the pipes to get cold enough and solidify. Normally the freezing time will take quite awhile because the water in the pipes needs a lot of heat or cold to change the temperature. 

If the water is flowing through the pipes it will take a lot more time for the water to freeze inside the pipes. Normally in pipes, a small section of the pipe can freeze which will stop the water flowing through the pipes. Normally when this happens the frozen water in the pipes will expand and cause a break or a split in the pipe. This will be hard to find because there won't be any water leakage in the pipes until they start to thaw and the water starts to flow again. 
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There's no exact time when pipes can freeze, it depends with the kind of weather, especially how cold outside could be.

When the weather is cold, the pipe becomes unable to withstand the exalted pressure. Through the freezing water, ice forms causing the pipes to burst.
There are other factors that facilitate bursting of pipes and they include, ice blockage,increased pressure and closed outlet.
There are several ways of preventing pipes from freezing but the main one is lagging. Insulating the pipes from the cold water outside.

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