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Based upon past and present, answer is no.

Because usa has strong factors to contribute to their economy.

World's largest and biggest companies are found in usa and those companies are ruling the World.

Like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook.

These are top 5 companies who are responsible for their growth in economy and gdp.

As you know, GDP is the main factor that plays important role in increasing the revenue share, market value and ofcourse economy.

Now take a look at China,

China also have lot of big companies like bbk electronic, alibaba, tencent and many other.

Sure they are billion dollar companies but not close to usa .

As a rivalry, china always try to become superior over usa but the fact is most of the people or workers are from china in USA based companies

So in my opinion, considering economy and market value, USA is the leading country.

I don't think so china will surpass USA in world's largest economy.
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In addition USA has more millionaires and billionaires than China and these are the people that circulate wealth through their companies. So I support your point USA will remain number 1
You are right .

7 business owners out of 10 are from USA stated in forbes for top 10 billionaires around the world.

So definitely USA will be no. 1 in economy sector.

But, we can't guarantee it as new and young generation is improving rapidly and tremendously to represent their country and to rule the world.

But, as per current situation Americans are ruling the World.
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I don't think so. Though china has captured the world market by supplying cheap commodities. If we make a glance upon the economy of United States we can understand one thing that differentiate Chinese and US economy. That thing is the innovative conception in US economy. There is no doubt that china is going to be one of the biggest giant in world economy.
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It is impossible for China to attain this desire. If it happens, it will take more years. I hope this coronavirus is not the way for making the USA suffer financial crisis or anything.
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Economy is contributed to with many factors also gearing to be e top means one has to put in more effort in order to surpass the current top position. Hence I think it will take a lot of effort for China to get to the top position. 
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China is a very fast growing economy but i don't see it overtaking the united state's economy, but china can try coming very close to the united state's.
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