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My phobia is addressing a crowd of people because I tend to tense a lot even someone can notice. How I overcome it is by closing my eyes and taking a very deep breath and assume that no one is in front of me. I focus a lot of what  am talking about so that I can finish and have my seat.
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Nice, I had a similar problem but when I understood that no one is perfect it helped me concentrate more on my presentation rather than my mistakes, the most important thing is how accurate the facts you are communicating. 
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I have Arachnophobia. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of spiders. Even a dead spider or a picture of a spider triggers an emotional reaction out of me. I avoid walking under trees because I'm paranoid I'll walk into a spider web. If there is a spider in any room of my house then I will avoid that room for at least a month. 

One time I was at work (im a cashier) and I saw a spider while I was helping a customer and I literally ran away crying. The list of embarrassing stories i have that are similar to that is ridiculous. I hate spiders so much, even typing this is giving me anxiety.
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Your story sounds funny, what crosses my mind each time I see a spider especially the black ones, I ask myself this venomous, I try to avoid it or moving it to a safe point. 
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I don't have phobias (fear of something), so to speak.  But I do have some situations I prefer not to be in it or avoid to be in it as possible as I can. Such as being in a closed area like an underground parking lot. I avoid crowded cities. Or in my house with blinds closed in or pulled down. I want to see the blue sky and nature through my windows.
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I have the phobia of to meet the wasted persons.Everyone should avoid them.They will not create your life.They ruin the life.They irritate everyone.They are sick.They should leave the Earth.They are the burden on the Planet.Thanks.
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