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My phobia is addressing a crowd of people because I tend to tense a lot even someone can notice. How I overcome it is by closing my eyes and taking a very deep breath and assume that no one is in front of me. I focus a lot of what  am talking about so that I can finish and have my seat.
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Nice, I had a similar problem but when I understood that no one is perfect it helped me concentrate more on my presentation rather than my mistakes, the most important thing is how accurate the facts you are communicating. 
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I have Arachnophobia. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of spiders. Even a dead spider or a picture of a spider triggers an emotional reaction out of me. I avoid walking under trees because I'm paranoid I'll walk into a spider web. If there is a spider in any room of my house then I will avoid that room for at least a month. 

One time I was at work (im a cashier) and I saw a spider while I was helping a customer and I literally ran away crying. The list of embarrassing stories i have that are similar to that is ridiculous. I hate spiders so much, even typing this is giving me anxiety.
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Your story sounds funny, what crosses my mind each time I see a spider especially the black ones, I ask myself this venomous, I try to avoid it or moving it to a safe point. 
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