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Cryptocurrency for me is a good way of making fortune as we know that its value changes from time to time. With applied strategy and luck, anyone can make a fortune of it. I did hold some investment before but it did not turn out the way I expected it to be.
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cryptocurrency depends on the blockchain technology which is currently being employed by big and small organisations today, for me transactions are currently improving and this is the era of cryptocurrencies where monies can be transferred without barriers, the barrier at this moment are the necessary laws and policies to back it up.
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I don't have ant investment in cryptocurrency. But the value of it may rise in future. Now there are many options to invest and earn in cryptocurrency. 
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Cryptocurrencies are the future currencies.They are the digital currencies.It helps everyone to transfer the currencies in the mentioned Time.
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I do not have any investment with cryptocurrency currently. But with it becoming popular everywhere, it's going to be a future form of investment to many paople after they understand it well. 
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It is the new form of currency. The digit form of money. But there is mo laws and rules to support or to provide security for it. So i didn't take any risk to invest in it.
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I believe that cryptocurrency is a good investment. In fact, I have many coins like BTC, XRP, SHIB, and others that I have been holding in Netcoins for a long time.
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In my own opinion i would say crypto currencies is a nice place to invest your money because crypto currencies have become a very popular place for people invest.
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