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I have mixed feelings about this. I have read that waking before sunrise could harm your health and that we should all wake up naturally but I wake naturally very early, around 5.30 am, and it is actually pitch black at that time in the winter. Australian research suggests that waking too early can give us "social jet lag" but I am at my best early in the day and don't start to wilt until much later.
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Your wake up time depends on your daily schedule, people wake up on time to prepare early for work, school, meetings etc but it is advisable to give the body enough sleep because at the end the body will bear the burden of not having enough sleep and this will, in turn, affect your productivity. But it is equally bad to oversleep as that will make you lazy and unproductive. 
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I wake up at five o'clock early in the morning.

I sleep around 12-1 in the night and get up early in the morning.
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Definitely it is improve your health if you are wake up early morning.

early morning ozone layer is near as compare to other time so improve on energy as well as you breath fresh air which is also improve your respiratory system health.
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If you go sleep earlier you can wake up early before sun rise. The 8 Hours sleep is must for everyone. Waking up with sun , make you body wake up naturally. One of the biggest benefit of waking up early is go for sleep earlier. 
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Similar to the breakfast example above, people who get up later in the day tend to focus less on healthy morning habits like hydrating and exercise, which oxygenates your blood and promotes healthy skin. Early morning risers can also use the extra time to exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse.
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Literally the first day you wake up you have a better day because you are so much more focused and so much more productive. Plus, adds you will sports a clearer mind while filling calmer and more motivated.
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Yes definitely, it is good for me and also for you. If you wake up early in the morning, you find that you are absolutely fresh and you can enjoy the fresh air.Fresh air freshens you and your mood, it contains a lot of oxygen which is good for your health.
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If you wake up before sunrise after sleep only 3 hours, it isn't good. Actually wake up before sunrise us healthy, it's good for skin health, become more active and fit, can concentrate easily, and also you have more times to do sport/exercise in the morning. If you want wake up before sunrise, make sure sleep early to get 6 hours sleep or divide it with a day nap to get the 6 hours sleep.
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Yes, it is very good habit if someone wake up in early morning morning before sunrise it has many benefits like-

* Due to early wake up in morning we can do many exercises and yogas which is very helpful for our body and brain.

* Habit of early wake up in morning give us chance to finish our work in silent environment without any disturbment etc.
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