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Please kindly answer because why is just normal to divorce not only in America but in other countries also.

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To answer this question all we need is common sense, there is no need to involve religion either.

No one was born stuck with someone else. We were born individuals, that is exactly why divorce exists. Why be stuck with someone who no longers is good in your life? Why? That is why divorce is ok and accepted. People have the right to change their mind, they have the right to find other paths for their lives.

No one was born married, so it should not be anything for is fine to be married to someone the rest of your time too, we have the OPTION to divorce because we are individuals with freedom also.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
People at times are quick to get married and afterward, they decide that they made a major mistake. In the US it is rather easy to get a divorce and I guess this is one reason why people think that it is normal in the US to get a divorce. However, if you take a look at your parents and grandparents this wasn't normal back then. People married for life or until death do them part.

However, today with all the outside influences, the husband and wife working, and pressures from everywhere it is more common than not to get a divorce these days. I have friends who were divorced and realized a few years later they made a mistake and married again. I guess people are quick to decide that they should divorce and move on. Later on, life changes and you realize that the person you married was actually the right one of you or on the other hand he wasn't the right one for you.

I guess people should consider if they should get married first before it ends in a divorce. 

I also know people who want a divorce, should get one because of the fights but can afford one because of the kids and how expensive it is. So they make the best of it and stay married, live in the same house, and each lives their own life. Basically, in some situations, divorce isn't the answer because neither person could afford to live on their own so they stay married. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,404 points) 6 13 36
I  am not from america but I think it's normal because people are focused on their daily basis like work and most of the people both men and women are independent.There are thoughts are even if they break up,they will still be able to take care of their families.Or maybe they believe that they'll get better people than their current spouses.
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answered by ELITE (3,009 points) 3 8 16
Divorce is not a good thing morally and religious wise.  However most Americans do not see marriage as a must tolerable Union between two.  Most times their marriages are on contract basis with guidelines and once the time of the contract elapses divorce takes place.
Most women in American are more focus on their carrier so if any one is trying to tie them down because of marriage they prefer to divorce and become a single mum.
Cultural and ancestry history of Americans does not really gives much relevance to religion like other parts of the world. Religion has been the reason why most people in other parts of the world do not encourage divorce because of the implications.
Another reason might be as a result of rush into marriage where the two do not know each other likes and dislikes.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
I think divorce is normal all around the world and not just in America. I just feel like the process is much more easier, less excruciating and less of a traumatic experience than it is in other countries. Even when kids are involved, the whole process is amicable in a legal sense and everyone is treated with their full rights.
Some countries do not guarantee fair judgement especially to the woman. I think all around the world, divorce is rampant. I also like to think of how the case could have been in earlier times if the women were more aware of their rights. It is true that the marriages in those days were for life but I often wonder if the couples were genuinely happy or they just stuck together for one reason or the other.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 16 67
I think what have brought this to a very normal stage is change.Times have changed and everything is really changing with it.Rampant divorce issues isn't just about the Americans now but even in Africa where it was like a taboo to divorce anyhow is almost normal too.I think the tradition or laws are a bit loose now and people are no longer punished for divorcing one another especially on a very flimsy grounds.
The Americans don't attached much importance to marriage at least from my observation, so if one of the couple start misbehaving they just go their separate ways instead of going through depression or pains and maybe putting the kids in harm's way.
Couples now have refused to make marriages work. people are no longer willing to tolerant one another.
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 21 49
The answer is not quite far fetched. The rate of divorcing all over the world since the dawn of this century is alarming. It won't be appropriate to restrict it to US alone, because from the stats we have, it something that has permeated every society. As for the cause, we can aptly attribute it to phletora factors ranging from personal to socio-economic issues.

Basically, unlike before, we now have couples that are driven by self-centered motives of what they stand to gain in marriages. To put it plainly, love is no longer in their dictionaries. This very reason makes them to go into marriage without having any atom of love for the person they are married to. And, as time goes on, and if it happens their primary aim of getting married is not fulfilled, they would feel disappointed and their next option is to exit the relationship.

Another important factor worthy of taking into consideration is socio-economic issues. This days, society has made it so hard for marriages to thrive with social and economic problems such as disparity in socio-economic standings.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 24 87
Culture differs from place to place and it affects how some concepts are perceived in such areas. Take for instance in my African culture and society, marriage is taken very seriously no matter what comes out of it. It's only in severe circumstances that would be very difficult to handle that some marriage would be a allowed to dissolve especially when one's life in the marriage is on immediate threat. Some marriage over here are even appealed to the couples involved to tolerate each other even in cases of adultery and infidelity, this shows how Africans value the union called marriage.

But the case is practically different from what is obtainable in America as it's obvious that couples file for divorce in cases of slight misunderstanding and most times, it's the female ones that benefits more from the divorce.
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answered by ELITE (3,221 points) 5 12 23
Am going to say this as blunt as it comes. Sorry to say this and no harm intended, but most Americans lack cultures and values. They are very much sentimental. They only believe in what is right and wrong, and do not hesitate to express theirselves and emotions regardless of what people or society think or say about them. This is what them sets them apart from other cultured regions like africans.
Africans care too much what society thinks about them. I won't say it's the right behavior as it might very well lead to unhappiness, but to an extent, it has thought us how to be patient, endure, forgiven and tolerate one another, the key to having a successful marriage. I can't say if most Americans lack these attributes, but I can definitely say they don't put as much effort as africans and it's probably why there's high rate of divorce in America.
Another thing i've come to understand is that though divorce is a difficult process, i think divorce in America comes with certain benefits like properties and mostly cash which are often divided in certain percentage to the spouses. In my country, divorce doesn't work that way, instead it leaves you with a scar visible for societal critism, this especially affects the women who find it hard remarrying.
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answered by ELITE (3,663 points) 7 14 56
I think divorce is not only common in America, some part of the world divorce is always exists. In New Zealand where I live, it is common here the family is broken or splitting up and divorce. It is like its normal or they are used to it just because their parents is a divorce also and they will do it too for some reasons. It's like common practice that is pass to generation to generation. It is easy to get married but take time to get divorce because you have to give reasons why you want a divorce. You have to give negative about you and your partner which is  not very nice at all. I don't really agree about divorce but, if it happens to me, I am worried about my children when they will have their own family. Will they have divorce too because I had or they won't take t as a good example and learn from it.

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