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I am very loving grateful for having a very loving mother. At times I try to compare my mom with other mother's but she's just incomparable. Even when everything isn't going on well, she will just tell you all is well. She has and will always want the best for us. Besides that, she's raised us, my siblings and I,very well, obedient and full of respect. Generally, she's the best gift that God gave to us. 
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It is beautiful to a have a wonderful mum, mothers are unique people, imagine carrying you for 9 months, breastfeeding you, cleaning you up till you were mature. My thoughts and gratefulness also goes to my mum but above all I am most especially grateful to the Almighty, the Creator of universe, the ONE that has kept us alive till the day, the ONE whose ENERGY we depend on to live. 
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I have so much to be grateful for but sometimes it is hard to remember when things are tough.  Then I see what is going on in third world countries, war, poverty and disease  and I realise how truly blessed I am. I had a good childhood with parents who loved me and guided me, I always had a job and although there have been times when money was tight I've always had food on the table and a roof over my head.

If I could pick one thing I think it would be I have amazingly good health to help me deal with whatever life throws at me. I am in my late sixties now and although I can feel myself slowing down a little I am still well and on no medication.
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Good health is something to be grateful for, considering the fact that a lot of people are in the hospital seeking treatment from one ailment to another,  the reason you are still alive and healthy is enough to celebrate.
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Having my mother who loves me unconditionally, forgives me every little thing every day!!, doesn't ask anything in return, always cares for me from waking me up to making me emotional by telling that she won't have food until I had and she won't sleep until I call her and say I reached back safely, who never judges me or compares me to anyone, who tries her best to fulfill everything I demand, who loves me more than herself. 
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I am grateful to God for getting a beautiful life. I am also thankful to the almighty creator for his creations around me. It is my good fortune that I am leading a happy familial life because of God's blessings upon me.
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I am grateful for every happy moment in my life....and we all should be, because we all should appreciate the happy moments in our life, Whether it is small or big,whether it is related to us or the ones we love....we must be greatful for them..... 

actually if you go deep into this topic and understand life, then you will realise that not just the happy moments but actually each and every moment of our life deserves a thank you, because when happy moments gives us healing and joy, the challenging moments make us strong....

So appreciate each and every moment of your life.....
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I am very grateful to having a parents like this. Because the life what I am living now is just because of them. They are always very supportive. They give a freedom to do things that I like. They taught me a good lessons. 
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I am most grateful for life because even if things are not going on well now you can always try to change your situation. As the old saying goes, "Once there is life there is hope".
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Am forever grateful to God for He delivered me from my enemies, He raised me from a situation that nobody thought I will come out victorious. I am happy and will continue being grateful for all the blessings He's showing me and the ones He has instore for me. 
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