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I have been searching for a work online and looks like is very hard because of many scams and also those asking me for money.

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There are many sites which share revenues; legit sites are those which have stable income and share revenue to participate with them.

Most trusted legit sites are -

Discussion sites like Mylot, 

Forum sites PPP way like BeerMoneyForum, Forumcoin

PTC/GPT sites like Donkeymails and it's sister sites.

Faucets like freebitcoin

Also You need to have a better time management for earnings; every site requires your time, so you have to divide your online time with them.
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Yes, i know working from home can be a Challenger, especially when we rely on websites. So far (after 10 years of woeking online) the only website that has really provided me with good Jobs and real payments is called upwork. There you find jobs in all sorts of categorias :) , it is easy to get to work  on it and they really pay you :) good luck!

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Yes there are lots of legit online sites but they pay less and its not a big amount that will make you rich,just to boost your economic life.If you're new to online by then I suggest you should first try paid to post in forum.With these you'll be granteed at least $30 per month.Some of those PTP sites are: (beer money forum,paid forum posting, postloop,forum wheel,forum coin and lastly earn that buck forum)

After you're done with PTP sites,you cando small tasks online like creating accounts, signing up for gmail,Facebook likes among other tasks and some of those sites which offer these include,(Microworkers, picoworkers and rapidworkers). Have been paid more than once with all these sites and I can testify that they're legit.
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There are plenty of websites that are legitimate and pay you to work online. You will have to decide if you want to work and earn a passive income, a part-time income or a full-time income. I know many sites that hire people to work at home and you'll be paid for your time. Most of these sites are for call centers or even help desks. 

I could sit here and name over 1800 sites that will pay you to work online and you can earn a passive income from them. 

There are survey sites, PTC sites, GPT sites, selling your videos or photos, content writing sites, editing sites, proofreading sites and even short link sites. Can you let me know what you'd like to do and I can give you some site names that are tested and legitimate sites you can join.

For starters, you can join Beermoney Forum, MyLot, Money clicker, and oDesk. 
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Yes these days finding online site legitimate is very difficult as more scams are coming up. To say frankly one can never get a penny with hard work. Yes you have work online to earn but there is nothing that can make you rich overnight, you have to work hard for earning. If you are a graduate and good at any subject u can become subject expert at 'chegg', you will get paid good over there or can try at 'literably' to earn a handsome amount working at home.

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