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One important lesson I have learnt in life is that there is a reward for every activity of mankind, show love and receive more love, life goes in cycles, what we put out has a way of coming back to us, so we most be conscious of our thoughts because they becomes our actions, purify your thinking and let only positive things pass through your mind, stay away from negative energy because it can pull you down. And finally develop yourself by reading, listening and meditation and be open to positive energy such as love, hope, faith, and healing and never forget your CREATOR because HOPE comes from HIM in times of trouble.
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I like your answer very much you are right to wear thank you bro you are unsure is very useful for everyone I am very very grateful for you
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I have been a victim of betrayal for many years now. Initially I was fond of trusting people, telling them my stories but when we have an argument they turn against me and use what had with them to get back on me. It was very  bitter but that taught me a life lesson. No matter how much you trust someone, never share your personal stories with them. My physics teacher used to say, " never trust anyone, not even yourself because you might just be a reflection of something else". Whenever I think of telling anyone my secret, these words ring in my mind.
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Life consists of different complex circumstances. We learn many things in our lifetime. The most important thing that I have learned in my life is the positive attitude to everything. If we are lacking this quality we will have to suffer from trustlessnes that's the main impediment in our development. So, be positive and enjoy your life.
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You are right, it is a big thing to be positive in life, we should have an equal in both happiness and sorrow.
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The  most important lesson is that all about is HEALTH and FAMILY.

Man without either is nothing,so i think that people need to focus more on those things rather than chasing a wealth and everything else.
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Important lesson I have learned in my life is " The only person who can trust is Myself ". Through my personal experience I learned this lesson. My life is full of ups and downs. 
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I have been on the journey of self development and self improvement for some time now. It was only after I went out of my comfort zone (my home) and saw the real world I understood there was so much to life- challenges, improvements, knowledge, achievements, etc. And it was only when I went out in the real world I had learned the most important lessons- the lessons which can only be learnt better if experienced.

The most important lessons I learned in my life so far:

You have to be patient in your life. Things will come around if you’re patient

We believe things work out if we are in a hurry. It is true that we must be efficient and fast but sometimes we should not rush into anything. Patience is one of the key to success and people who cannot afford to wait should not expect better results. There’s a beautiful quote that resembles exactly what I mean- “Greatness takes time. Just remember it takes 13 hours to build a Toyota but 6 months to build a Rolls Royce.” So do the work and be patient.

2. Trust the process. Whatever is happening (good/bad) ,trust your life

It is not easy to trust the happenings and events of life when nothing is in our favour. And it isn’t easy either to be optimistic about it. But that’s where our toughness and resilience is being tested. People who can’t trust the process of their lives cannot expect to excel in their lives. It is not that we should blindly trust everything that happens and not change the course of life for the better. What I mean is that we should work out what’s in our control and if we can’t work out what isn’t, then leave it. Don’t ponder upon it and don’t waste time on it. It will work out with your persistence and hard work.

3. Be optimistic but not overly optimistic
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The most important  lesson in my life is "NEVER BLIND TRUST ANYONE " . Always when you trust anyone then check that the person whose believe on you is right or wrong. And do not be a fool person.
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The most important lesson I have learned is don't be afraid to take risks. I am a professional teacher since 2015 but I haven't practising my profession for 5 years because of the fear of taking risks that later on developed into depression. I allowed fears to control and dictate my life and as a result, I am jobless even though I am a Professional Teacher. 
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At this time if want to be happy then you should have to do a hard work in your life becouse there is no one thing which can you get free. Either you can't be select ur life partner also.
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I just learned in my life that do your own work, never trust others. 

You will not even know when the bird will swallow your farm if you trust others. 
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The most important lesson life has taught me is that 'either accept or fight back'. Thus, I realized if I am not going to speak up for me, if i am not going to take some substantial step for me then there will be no meaning of regretting later that god has done this to me. TAKE A STAND OR DON'T CRY. 
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The most important lesson that I have learned in life is that God can never let you down if you believe in Him. He can move mountains and calm the storm. Trusting in Him and working hard in all our endeavors He will surely reward us. 
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I've learned that failure is not a bad thing. It is a good thing to help you be better. Be better not only in your career, but also in handling your own life as well. Failure is just an unfinished challenge you're still going through
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