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Hello friends out there.Just to share here about wprking online.There are much money in the internet tht we can work of.Even me also i do search many online legit job that no boss to demand me what time to work.I like to work online but this is  not a fulltime but a part time only..

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answered by Patron (2,840 points) 2 9 27

Yes, i have been working online for like 10 years now. There are lots of Jobs on the web, however tons of people to work on it. I have to say that things have gotten harder and harder as time Goes by (i am a Writer, proofreader, translator and interpreter) , speak three languages , lived and studied in two different countries and Yes, it can be a Challenger to make ends meet at the end of the month. The only website that seems to be ok and trustworthy is upwork...previously known as odesk. The number of Jobs ia good but lots of users só you have to be fast :)
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answered by LEGEND (5,023 points) 4 7 17
There are lots of opportunities online and since you're looking for part time job,then should find those sites that don't need much commitment like paid to post sites and microjob sites..

If you're not a member of beer money forum then should check it out,also forum coin,forum wheel, the postloop,paid forum posting, earn that buck from among other forums.

For the microjob sites you can check Microworkers, picoworkers and rapidworkers.Although the tasks are hard,you're guaranteed a decent income at the end of the month.
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Thankyou my friend and for sharing the good sites you been earning.I know only few but sometimes making me hard to join because those sites specially writing because iam not good in English.Thankful that i find this one looks iam interested  and i enjoyed this much.Thanks for sharing i will look up and see if i can do it much.
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I do an online job that mainly involves spiritual workings such as tarot reading's. It doesn't pay much, but it does get me by. The best sites for me so far for the line of work I do is psychicvop.com and starzpsychics.com.

The other one I am on is democracydelivered.com. It's similar to Facebook minus the games though. Getting approved through this site takes up to a month though.
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answered by LEGEND (7,162 points) 4 14 34
I own a website that reviews work at home job opportunities. I do earn a little from this site, but I have never really added any money-making options to the site. 

I have written books and sold them online for data recovery. I made a killing on these books and earn a large amount of money from them.

I have also had clients who contact me to write for their blog or website and have earned good money doing this.

I don't consider online work as a job, but there is a good amount of money to be made working online. 'I own a business that brings in an income each month, but not like before. The economy has basically made it impossible to do what I did before. So working online is a great source of income and you need to be dedicated and work hard at this if you want to earn a decent amount of money. 
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answered by Patron (1,720 points) 2 5 13
To lay bare the facts, I have to say working online is not like working offline that is a nine to five day job in a office. Different sites demand different requirements for the tasks or jobs to be completed. And whatever you do and however hard you try your online earning will never come anywhere near your day job salary. Online earning can never substitute a day job.
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Working is best as a part time job ,just to earn side income.i have seen few people making part time job as full time with freelancing,onli on teachings.

For me online income is side money .I'm earning on doing surveys like toluna , global test market, viewfruit. I'm working on paid per post websites too

I'm trying some passive income application like slidejoy which they give money for unlocking mobile screen .

There are lots of ways to earn ,one can't get higher amount from online but it is surely a side income.
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answered by (290 points) 1 7
I'm working online! I have tried so many things and they have all paid out. I work as an Internet Assessor for Lionbridge (part-time job). They provide me with google results and I rate them according to their guidelines. This company is legit and they have already paid me. I also work on paid-to-post forums. These forums give you credits for every contribution you make and then you can exchange those credits for real cash. Most of them use PayPal to pay the members.
I also work as a freelance writer and translator. There are so many websites that offer these services and in so many different languages, so if you know two languages or more, you'll be making a good amount. I also do transcription. I am a transcriptionist and I transcribe audio files. The pay rates are good and if you're good with transcription, you can make a good amount of money just transcribing.
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answered by ELITE (3,080 points) 2 5 13
There are lots of jobs online but some requires skills and experience. Like at Freelance.com and Upwork, they want people who are doing the job itself, not trying to do the job. You require to submit  portfolio where you can put all the work you did and some extra experiences. The only problem is that, you need to negotiate and the site will only select based on some criteria. If you meet their requirements, you might get it. There is lot of waiting and waiting for you to get a steady job or employer, so you must be open to working on small jobs first to establish your reputation. On the other side there is a job, still online job that requires you to join any discussion and share your experiences in life. This is called forum which you will paid to post and some are paid to clicks and some are blogging.

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