Elon musk spacx ship and NASA are taking steps into space tourism. I wonder who will be ready for such a risky journey. Especially it is targeted on super rich and affluent persons. If you get a free chance to go to mars or moon, do you go?
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Yes I'll go considering my high spirit of adventure. Sometime back, I always wanted to try some unimaginable things and getting that first experience. I have always wanted to go to the moon or even mars. Unfortunately getting a school that could offer that became too hard. But if am given the opportunity now, I'll definitely grab it. Despite of it being risky, I don't mind because even if i die I must have left a good reputation bebind .
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Space is the most adventurous place in the vast universe . Man has a thirst for knowing the secret hidden in the space. Astronauts have conducted their expedition the space from time to time. If I get the opportunity to go to space It will be a great surprise for me. I won't miss the opportunity to go there.
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Yes, I will definitely go to the space and other planets if given a chance. It always excites me whenever I think about the universe. There are places on earth which can give your eyes a blowing experience if visited. Everything on earth related to the nature gives amazing experience. Then suppose if you are given a chance to go to space, that would be the best experience of my life. Also, exploring new planets in the universe will also give a thrilling experience.
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