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Gas leak detector is a valuable instrument when it comes to measurement of the amount of gas in an environment. It is a useful tool in curbing gas pollution, and unforseen explosion from gas leakages. Sometimes it is difficult to trace gas leakages with smell but instruments such as gas detector play a vital role especially in refineries and gas processing plants. It is a safety tool
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Hi Everyone my opinion about Gas Leak Detector its a part of Safety system and helps to detect the poisonous gas leaks with the help of Sensors and we can get the visual identification using thermal camera. In this equipment Sensor is connected to Audible Alarm to alert the people when Gas is detected. These type of devices are important because there are many gases that are harmful to human and animals.

So Gas leak Detectors are very important in Saving the Nature and Human.image

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I can't help but think about them as Mitch Hedberg said about fire alarms, that they are more like 9-volt battery slowly drainers. It's a joke of course, you better have them installed if you use propane or something like that.
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