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I honestly believe being straightforward is the right way to go. Although the other person may not like it in the beginning but it also gives them to move on soon rather than being angry or confused. Also listen to the that person's view patiently and try to give a proper explanation honestly and part ways that way no one would be left with any regrets.
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It's better to hurt them with the truth but don't comfort them with a lie.
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Be as rude as possible. Raise your voice. Collect all the insults you can find for the purpose. You want it crystal clear that there is never any chance to patch it up.
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Sit them down and talk to them, give reasons on why you do not want to be with them, but do not "sugarcoat" what your saying to make it sound nicer, be blunt so that you point is understood clearly. 

DO NOT resort to name calling or insults. You want to be respectful of them but also firm on what you want to happen.
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Understanding should be displayed by every true matured individual and it includes ability to respect certain decisions. On that note, speak to him, and let him see reasons for your decision, highlights his good qualities and wish him well in his future endeavors. But do not abandon the right person for selfish reasons because it is hurtful on the long run. Examine your decision is best before embarking on it, a gentle man will understand and respect your decision.  
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This is a difficult one but definitely do it face to face and not by text. If you know the person will be very hurt do it gently. Say you will never forget your time together but you feel the relationship has run its course and it is time to move on.

There is no easy way of doing this but it is best to be honest because then the other person will be left in no doubt that the relationship is over and they can start to move on.
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