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The best method to follow is to apply forgiveness.  If someone has hurt you and you feel betrayed, you should apply forgiveness, in doing so you won't hurt yourself and the person. Forgiveness is letting go and setting free all the emotional attachments. All other methods may lead to self hurt which is not healthy.
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Forgiveness and acceptance. We will be truly happy and will set our hearts with grudges and hate for that person if we forgive and accept that everything changes.
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This is one of the hardest things to do, unloving someone. But still, questions have all the answers. Unloving someone seems will be based on the situation or its history itself. We cannot totally unlove someone, because they became part of our lives already. We can discontinue the relationship, the communication, but there's still time, were able to reminisce our past. What is important, we can move on and believed that it is just a memory already. We may unlove someone through hatred ness, but I guess its not a good thing to set. It's unhealthy, and it will just bring you unending sorrows. Unloving someone really is impossible for me, but it is up to us if how can we handle and accept it. Just always think about what will be best for many. And have the wisest choice, so the regrets will have no place in us. 
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The most important thing to remember is that you don't love that person, you just love the idea of them. Love isn't something that you "think," love is something that you feel. If you are truly meant to love this person then your heart will tell you and because you're trying to "unlove" them then that means you only " think" your in love so that feeling, is essentially, an illusion. 

That's how you unlove somebody.
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Telling them the truth might be very harsh but its always the right thing to do. On the contrary, you can still act cold towards him/her and with time, they'll get tired and give up.
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