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I know that men are notorious for cheating but a lot of women do it too. Most people probably think men cheat more because they are the ones that dont cover their tracks and end up getting caught. When women cheat, we are so discreet and you will never find out about it.
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Definitely Women!!!

Women-70% and men-30%

Now, I tell you why, 

look I'm sharing my personal experience and not commenting any random stuff.

I had girlfriend, named Prajakta.

She used to call me cuty pervy and I used to call her my lovely beast. That's funny though.

We were in relationship for about 3 years.

We were really enjoying our love and relationship until she broke me.

My friend, named Uddhav, he had crush on her.

I knew it but I didn't get serious about him.

We were really good friends buy time went and she used to avoid me often.

I asked her what happened suddenly in her behaviour, then she told me her family is in serious and difficult situation. So she had to break up with me just to focus on her career and feed her family.

I belong to middle class family and Uddhav to some sort of rich family.

I know this sound like typical movie script.

But I experienced it and I couldn't really believe it.

She just said " Shivam, I think we both should focus on our future and career" and her family situation stuff.

So we decided to take pledge that we must first get our job and good settlement and then we will marry.

And she went of town.

We were communicating via mobile , ofcourse.

But after 6-7 months later.

Worst tragedy happened with me.

I was cycling and passing through garden.

And suddenly I saw her. I DIDN'T GO TO SAY HI, cause I wanted to surprise her.

But, when I parked my bicycle and approaching towards her, my friend Uddhav went to her with Ice cream and some foody stuff.

I thought they were just hanging out as a friend and nothing else. So I call her and I asked where she is and how's life going. She told everything is ok and she is out of town, still. And got shocked after hearing this. She was in front of my eyes and she told me she was out of town.

So I decided to ask her and when I was going to meet her, Prajakta my gf, my first true love kissed My best friend Uddhav.

I was like what the hell she did.

I was getting blank and nervous feeling.

I was about to cry on that spot but........

I just took my bicycle and went to home and I literally cried and got depressed for 1 hr.

But then after washing my face, I looked into mirror and said to myself exact these words---" You are born for your family to feed and love your parents and sister and not to love gold digger, bastard, scum, betrayal girl who want just  and rich items not rich love".

On that day, I realised no matter what happens boys truly love their girls but girls don't.

My friend Uddhav told me he loved Prajakta. He was right and genuine but She..........

I used to love more than myself but now I hate her more than my enemies.

I hate you Prajakta.

You betrayed me for my poor condition but I'll become more successful than you ever thought and I will take my parents to most grateful and luxurious lifestyle.

You got your answer.

Women, girls whatever it is , females more than 70% are born to destroy boys life and love and just to look after themselves like selfish ***** cat.

Not every girl but you got my point.
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Both of them cheat at the same rate. But according to what am hearing lately, ladies tend to cheat a lot than men all because they want men who are financially stable.Despite of all these, it depends on someone.
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There is no established data for this, but in relationships good men and women exist likewise men and women who are promiscuous. Some who are not satisfied in their relationships step out to look for satisfaction, the reason one needs to pay attention to the concerns raised by the partner. Gaps exist when there is lack of concern and attention, but I admonish communication in relationship, lay your complains to your partner, and take responsibility for some part. 
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It has nothing to do with the gender. There is no such study or data which is based on the gender. Men and Women equally likely to cheat if put into the same situation. 
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Both men and women are equally cheating. We can't blame one gender alone. Both are equally cheating whether it is a relationship or some other else.
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Women cheat more than men because when men go to the Office for their work, women have no work to their Home and they cheat.
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