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I know Blogger is free to use while WordPress has both free and self-hosted versions. Still, people says Blogger is better than WordPress for a newbie blogger or personal blog. While searching on google we will get mixed suggestions. I would like to know the real fact behind this Blogger or WordPress controversy and which is better for SEO.

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The best blogging platform is blogger only when it compared to WordPress, whether it be selhosted or
If you are into a multiuser or multiauthor blog or website WordPress may be helpful. But if your objective is to simply deliver content of your blog to the world then the best choice is I recommend a custom domain blogger blog for starting a successful blog.
A blogger blog is with a custom made template can make wonders if you have useful and unique content for your site visitors. For running a WordPress blog you need lot of plugins which may slow down your blog. You need to update all these plugins regularly without getting any conflicts with each of these plugins. A real headache that too after paying for webhosting.
For faster page loads and good performance of a blog you may need a costly hosting rather than a cheap shared hosting. But in blogger Google will be the host and security person for your blog. Dont worry about security of your blog from hackers. Analytics are also awesome in blogger either with Google analytics or any other service without having much load to the servers. You don't even need a CDN or caching service in a blog. SEO is perfect in a blogspot blog.
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There are only two reasons I can find for that Blogger is better than Wordpress.

The first one is the Blogger is completely free to use as you already knows.You will get completely free hosting as well as 100% uptime to your blog. If google is up your blog will be there online.

The second reason is while using Blogger you don't need to worry about any hackers or any security precautions for your site, unlike self-hosted WordPress. I don't suggest free WordPress as it won't allow your own domain name for your blog.

If you are going free then go for Blogger. It's the best free platform to choose. You can map your own domain name or monetize your blog. No restrictions there on Blogger.

If you are into more professional blogging with SSL certificates user signups and user provided content etc then you may use self-hosted WordPress. Wordpress has a slightly better URL structure which benefits SEO. The only one but not a serious drawback I can find in

Remember there are many CMS there to use for different purposes. Wordpress is not the end of the world.
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utilize WordPress rather than free blogging administrations like or Blogger?. In this article, we will do a WordPress and Blogger correlation with this you choose which one is better for your requirements
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The things have changed much recently. Now you can have a real  professional blog on blogger. The SEO of blogspot blogs are undoubtedly perfect as the google made several changes recently. A custom domain on blogger is a perfect choice for a blogger unless he is not storing any downloadable content within the site hosting. An SSL certificate is also not needed now I n blogger as google introduced new feature to add HTTPS on custom domain blogs. A spam free, risk free, super fast blog with no headaches. Go for Once it will outgrow every other platforms including over rated wordpress.
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I like blogger, its simple, easy to use, quick start. need not worry about any SEO based problems. We have to just write good contents Google do the next. Wordpres is for high end Websites, and its not suitable for beginner (blogger).

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