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I am not able to install Windows 10 update because of the error code 0x800705b4 Windows 10. Worried now as the issue can't be fixed. How to solve this error code?

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The error code which you have provided is related to Windows defender.Have you updated all drivers?

Let’s follow these steps which should fix the issue.


Method 1:

If you have any third party antivirus software and firewall disable them temporarily and make sure that the Windows Firewall is turned on. Then check if the issue reappears.

Method 2:

1. Press Windows + R and type in services.msc then press Enter.

2. In services window, locate Windows Defender service in the services list.
3. Verify that the Status is Started. If the Status column is blank,
right click on the service and select Start.
4 If you get error trying to force start the Windows Defender service, try to change the Startup Type toAutomatic, and then restart the computer.

5. Next you can download an Windows updates and check the issue.

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