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Some are comfortable using laptops while the others are comfortable using smartphones. I personally think people use laptop more when that has been first used to access web or games or apps and same for smartphones too. People when start using new thing they experience and get used to it and more attached. Of course there are exceptions too but I think most people use things they get attached to than the other. I personally prefer laptop.
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I like using both, but I prefer smartphones over laptops in most cases because they are smaller and easier to take with you.
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Because you can do anything on your smartphone like your laptop. 

These are advantages of smartphone over laptop

1. You can call via cellular network, not on laptop.

2. You can have longer battery life on smartphones than laptop as laptop drain more battery and fast.

3. You can have almost every type of app in Play Store to do your work.

4. Easy to navigate between work.

You can pretty much do everything on smartphones same as you do on laptop.

I have my laptop and PC.

But, I most of the time use smartphone instead of laptop or pc as it takes formality to handle laptop or pc.

But, with smartphone you can do your work while lying on your bed and fast and easily.

But, it's your choice, after all.

Cause if you want to do gaming laptop is much more convenient as most pc games cannot run on smartphones.

But, games can run smoothly on smartphones rather than on laptop as laptop requirements are higher for different different games.

So, it totally depends on you what you want to do with laptop or smartphone.

The choice is yours but I PREFER SMARTPHONE.
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When it comes to working online, I prefer using my phone because its fast and I can work anywhere. Besides, I can work faster on the phone and also phone consumes less mobile data than a laptop.
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It depends on my location, for example if I am in the office  I prefer to use laptop or computer,  but if I am on the move I can use my phone to send emails, check on updates, and look up information. Sometimes too much usage of the laptop gives eyes strains, so at that point I can switch to my smartphone to reduce the strain.
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Smartphones is more beneficial for me than laptops, because I can carry it anywhere I want, can use it the way I want, take photos of anything that catches my attention. On the other hand, laptops is not handy. You need a power plug in order for you to use it.
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I use both I prefer Laptop over smartphones because I do most of my work through laptop... I work from home so the laptop helps a lot in my work. I use mobile mostly for making calls.
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Both have their own special features. You cannot make a project on mobile same you cannot make a voice call on laptop. For basic things we can use mobile phones but for big things like projects, office work etc, laptop is better. So i would like to use both according to the requirements.
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For me it is my desktop, I like the large screen and manual keyboard and I'm less likely to make typing errors.  I only ever use my phone for calls, texts and checking emails when I am out so I would never use it for online forums where I need complete concentration and space.

Phones are more portable and I can see the attraction as you can take them everywhere but I would never use them to post on sites such as Answeree because I know the quality of my posts would suffer.
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