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When I was 14-15 years old, I experienced most challenging situation in my life.

I was about to suicide at that time but something happened and I changed my mind and decided to move on.

I'll explain in short.

I used to play cricket and chess most of the time.
My cricket match was on may 12, 2013, I still remember.
And on the same day at afternoon, my chess final match was also there.
So, I was in a critical situation that day.

I told my parents and friends that I'm gonna win both the titles.

But on that day by tension or stress , I failed both the matches.
Chess final and my quarter final cricket match.
Everyone was teasing me about these failure.
Even my parents too, said you cannot do anything in your life and you are a failure.
Because, of depression, I failed my 8th std too.
So much hatred and sad feeling was in my mind at that time.

This was most challenging situation for me.

But, then I watched Naruto anime.

And that character build up changed my entire thought process.

Naruto used to be failure just like I was.
But , he never gave up and kept going to achieve his dream.

So much failure, rejection, hatred, sorrowness, loneliness lot of reasons to commit suicide but only one reason he had to live up to and that was his dream to become Hokage.

And these are some exact quotes of Naruto inspired me a lot,

" People called me a failure, I'll prove them wrong."

" If you don't like your destiny, then don't accept it, instead, have courage to change it the way you want. "

And most powerful for me,

"Once you question yourself, it's over"

"I don't run and I don't quit, I never go back on my words. That's my nindo, my ninja way"

And then I decided to not give up on anything that I want to do and get in my life.
I'll be successful no matter what!!

Ok, so you have my most challenging situation

Thanks for reading.
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Wow! that's very inspiring and worth sharing. Your right, life does not end in failures, we must keep standing and believing that everything has a reason. In any failures, there is always a lesson that can serve as our guide to clearly see things and improve them. It is not always the end of the game, it may be the start of the real competition. Competing is life is the most challenging game that we need to overcome. Thanks for sharing and I know you have grown enough courage to face whatever battle you may encounter on your way. More power!

Thank you so much.

I pledge myself that day I bound to win.
I'll never give up on anything.
I want to make my parents proud and be successful in life so I can prove every one wrong who didn't believe me.

And all the best for your future.
thanks as well, looking forward to more success in our goal, keep it up!
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I don't think I have had a serious life challenge part from mere financial crisis and family fights once in while. Health wise, I have been good since i have never been admitted to a hospital. All I can say is that, God is in deed good and His Grace sufficient.
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I think it's serious though. But I admired you for taking those things in a positive way. Cool enough to handle a tough situation. I believed if we really have that strong faith, we can be able to manage life difficulties in a lighter way. Nice thoughts!
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Battling  with addiction has been very challenging for me, sometimes I will stop but end up going back due to bad influences the reason you need to have good friends around you. The type that will bring out the best in you. 
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Yup, your right! It's really tough whenever we competes with ourselves. Because we are also the ones who are going to feel the pressures and stress, in fighting these challenges. But we must set our mind into positive outcomes that these sacrifices will do. Whenever we take challenges, we get hurt, but vice versa, if we just try to win these battles, we too are the first who will benefit from our success. Just keep going and let go of things we can never change.
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My son is a recovering drug addict and made my life and the life of my daughter impossible at one time through his stealing and hideous behaviour. I look back and wonder how we got through it. We always had the police crashing into our house and unscrupulous people on the doorstep. I worried for our safety a lot of the time.

He doesn't live with us now but I have custody of his 13 year old daughter which brings its own challenges. Neither he or the mother could look after her so I took her on to stop her going into the care system. I am approaching 70 now and would love to be able to all the things a normal retiree would do but it is not possible. Maybe in 5 years when my granddaughter is more independent I can start to live my life.
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