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I think it's a 50 - 50 thing with 2 or more goals.

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Wow I think it is going to be a wonderful game, especially for those who love soccer. Unfortunately Brazil was kicked by Belgium, but oh well.

France is playing very good soccer, while Belgium was rather lucky while playing with Japan.

I believe Belgium was way stroger when playing with Brazil...but I think playing against France will be a whole other thing, especially because I found France to be the strongest (most technical) team so far.
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I am voting for France on this one. Where Iive the day will be blocked in front of our TV sets watching this match. You'll hear a lot of yelling and screaming going on around here. I know that France is the stronger team this year over Belgium and they should win for sure. Unless Belgium gets lucky all of a sudden and can score more goals against France. 

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