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good morning friends.To ask every one how much time do you spend on the internet? If you wanna ask me i spent my time like maybe 3 to 5 hours in my phone to work my sideline income.Sometimes i fall sleep haha.and then waking up just to check how much i can earn.
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I pretty much spend all my after-work hours on my phone. Facebook is eating me up. Sometimes, i don't even read what's on it, but i just keep scrolling down. It's really not good. 

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Considering I own a website that does review for earning money online, I guess I spend around 6 hours a day working on the website, researching, and writing up reviews. I then need to spend around another 2 hours testing out websites or writing up articles that people have ordered from me. Overall I can spend quite a few hours a day online. I don't do this on a daily basis, but I do need to do this 4 times a week. Otherwise, if I don't my website starts to lose visitor and people don't want to come back if it isn't updated on a regular basis. 
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If my phone wasn't discharging faster I'll spend 24/7 on the Internet. I am a great internet addict and I don't regret that because:

First ,through the internet I am able to make my daily income, of around 70 cents to $1 daily .At least I can say that I have refund for my data and time.In short, I fully depend on the internet to get income daily.

Also,through the internet, am able to get friends although internet friends.Watching funny clips on YouTube is always my greatest desire.
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The number of hours I spent on internet depends to other factors such as time, need,money,the device and even the geographical location I am. For instance with a lot of cash to purchase bundles I would want to stay more on internet. But on avarage I satay 2 to 5 hours on internet and sometimes this figure goes up to 7 hours. 
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Hi, I'm a software developer. As you can guess, almost all day I have to be in front of the computer looking for solutions to code, tutorials, etc. My work schedule is from 7:30 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. It's almost a whole day !!! I also work from Monday to Friday. Then we can say that I go online more than 4 hours a day. When I get home, I spend an hour more working on my own projects, so it's a record.

For that reason, Saturdays and Sundays I avoid spending time on the internet.
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my day starts with mobile and ends with mobile only ,I'm very much addictive to internet and mobile.i really love browsing for different topics and learning more things 

I'm always looking for some side money earning application and website.i spend lot of time approximately more than 10 hours on mobile.

Really I can't stop myself from doing that..I need to lessen this addiction :).

What sites are you working on for side income?

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I'm spending most of my day using the internet surfing through a different website, When I am not in front of my desktop or laptop, I'm using my phone to surf online, it seems that surfing online is part of my daily life already, and I am not comfortable without the internet connection, there are also times that I surfed website through my phone just to get feel sleepy!
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I spend about six to seven hours. Mostly, I spend my time writing articles for a pay per view article writing site from whom so far I have earned about Rs.4000/- in the last nine months. It is less compared to the time and energy we spend on providing content but that is the online situation. Since I have a passion for knowledge and writing I am doing this. Of course, it all depends on interest.
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I love the internet and couldn't imagine my life without it which is strange considering I had never touched a computer until around 10 years ago. I start my online sites at about 6-6.30 am and work for around 3-4 hours. After that I am on and off my pc at various times during the day.

I do however think it's important to get out and do other things or at least take regular breaks. I once had a severe backache which seemed to come out of nowhere. My doctor thought it could be down to the fact I was slouching in front of my computer for too many hours so now I make an effort to move around at least every hour.
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most of the time I spend on the internet is more than 5 hours because I also talked to my boyfriend we are on a long distance relationship. sometimes he will call me in the middle of the night while i'm sleeping. because we have a different time zone. it will take more than 5 hours because I also do my extra income as well. surfing the net, watching youtube videos and looking for another homebased job.
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Everyday for me has its hours online and it changes as they day comes. I do not spend the most part of my day online because I have an offline job to do and other activities for the day. Earning online for me is a side income. 

Sometimes I get to spend three hours online especially on the weekends when I'm not working. Other times I barely get an hour and some days I never even turn up. The hours I spend online depends on the hours I have free offline. 

There was a time I had nothing to do so i spent up to eight hours online everyday  including social media and staying abreast with local and international news. 

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