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Software developers has more job opportunities in the United States than any other profession. Everyday we are dependent on apps, software and technology to do daily tasks, and this cuts across different fields from medical, to oil and gas, banking, movie, etc. The unemployment rate in this sector is minimal. 
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IT field. Either you are looking for a job in USA, India, UK or Australia, you will have lots of good opportunity in this field.
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Obviously tertiary sector jobs are more popular in united states.United states is hub of startups .Best startups in world that has now become multinational facebook,amazoon,uber they all provide service sector jobs. United states is also best place for investors and have more healthy environment for companies so service sector jobs are biggest in united states
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As a foreigner the opportunities in the usa are very limited, in the field of fast food sales, it is the only one where you can be or as a service to the public
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