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Yes, the amazon affiliate program works.

When someone buys a product through your provided referral link, you get referral fees. You can earn up to 10%.  You just have to create an associate account on amazon then get the referral and share it wherever you want. You can monetize your website or blogs by doing this and it really works.
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How often do they pay out? 10% seems a bit low as compared to say clickbank where you can get up to 75%.
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Yes it works because I have read and seen testimonies from people who have participated in it and made profit. But to succeed you must have a good website that attracts a lot of visitors. According to Amazon, registration for the affiliate program is free for website owners, commission are earn when website visitors click on the referral link and buy products. 
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Theres a lady called Sophie Howard who is a millionaire from selling on Amazon. She has a coaching course and lives in plush surroundings in Wanaka, New Zealand. Google her.
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Earning as an Amazon affiliate program was a good way to make money at earlier times. But it not so easy nowadays.

People used to drive their blog traffic from product review sites or product comparison sites to amazon through their affiliate link. And they were earning commission for every sales made through their affiliate link.
Why it is difficult to earn on Amazon today?
  1. Amazon don't give commissions if a sale is made by a member already on Amazon.
  2. Amazon don't consider a sale as an affiliate sale if the buyer has already installed the Amazon app on their device.
  3. Amazon will pay affiliate commission only if a sale is made by a buyer within 24 hours from the time he visited the product page.
  4. If a buyer buy an another product from Amazon instead of the product which he clicked on the link, then also the affiliate doesn't get any commission.
So it is not worth to promote any amazon affiliate link. Instead you can have ads from Google which will show product advertisements from Amazon or any other companies. It will get you more earnings than an affiliate commission for the same traffic your website generates.
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