I have set up a new aquarium with goldfish and tetras. A local shop for pets food nearby us have varieties of fish foods for tetras, cichlids goldfish etc. Many of them are very costly too. Can I have the same food for my goldfishes, serpae tetras and neon tetras? Is there any cheap alternative for these commercial products?
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I just come across this site to find answer for you

6 Alternatives For Fish Food
Tired of feeding regular fish food to your fish every day? Bring a change in the diet of your fish by adding few alternatives to your fish food. What can you feed your lovely pet apart from the ready made fish food available in the market? Find out few healthy alternatives for fish food that can be given to both predatory and herbivore fish.

Read more at: https://www.boldsky.com/home-n-garden/pet-care/2012/alternative-fish-food-170412.html


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