How much is 3000 points worth on - Answeree
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The new rates for Answeree are set out at the very bottom of the page under Answeree Rewards but to help I will write them out.

1 answer is worth 10 points

1 comment is worth 5 points

10 points is worth 1 cent

Surprise points up to 500 for top performing posts in SERPS (not sure what that means)

Therefore 3000 points is worth $3. The minimum cashout rate is $2 so 2000 points. The next payment date is between the 5th - 7th December.
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3000 answeree points is about 30 dollars because an answer is 10 points which is equal to 0.1 dollar.  So for you to earn the 30 then you must answer  300 questions. 
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3000 points on answeree is worth 3 dollars which is not encouraging at all to people like us who try to earn a living online.
Some are saying 3000 points worth $3 and some are saying it worths $30.Which is correct??? 
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People are still stuck to the old system. 3000 points is equal to $3. I wish people could read through the FAQ section so that they don't end up being embraced when they'll be cashing out.
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3000 point on is $ 30. Their payment is done through the 'Paypal'. I have answered to get the same by exchanging the points.
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