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Racism is like a disease that has eaten and is still eating the systems all around the world. It's been years of brainwashing and mind control. A system that oppresses and reduces a group of people to nothing regardless of their abilities.

If everyone looked at others as equal regardless of color or tribe, the world would be a better place. The feeling of inferiority births racism. So, teach your children self respect first, respect and compassion for others. Let them learn to stand tall and stand for what is right. 

The key to the problem is in the younger generation. They need to be taught about the might and power they posses. Hence, nobody can make them feel inferior. 
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The best solution is ignorance. We blacks have been looked down upon for centuries but by now we're already used to it and we do ignore such provided we breath the same oxygen, there's nothing to bother much.
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The question is incomplete because it does not specify what the problem is. There are lots of problems and they all go by the same name.

* How to get whites to tolerate blacks.

* How to get blacks to tolerate whites.

* How to get white supremacists to stop murdering blacks.

* How to get blacks to start acting like citizens instead of bums.

* How to get blacks to stop rejecting normal behavior as "acting white".

There are others, too many to discuss in a single thread.
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Racism is a curse that creates hatred among men. Since ancient era this mal practice is dominating human thought. To find out the solution to racism we need to change ourselves first. The way of thinking should be developed. Everyone whether black or white is the creation of God. All are enjoying the the gifts like air,water equally provided by nature. This shows that nature is not showing any discrimination to human beings. This should be realized by all. Finally racism can be eliminated through raising a sense of love in human minds.
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