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I think everyone is put on this earth for a purpose. However, purpose is not something you realize immediately. It takes moments of deep reflection. Although, I often ask myself if everyone really finds their purpose before death. 

Some people are born to lead, others to give life, care and support. Some are selfless and become vessels for others. In whatever  case, purpose lies in what you truly are outside the material world. 
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I love your answer and agree with you. We are all on a mission. Is this really our hell?
Yes Everyone has a different reason they were brought here. We each have to find out own path to enlightenment.
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The purpose of life is to give and share love to one another. Never have hatred in our hearts. To live a healthy and prosperous life. never be greedy or mean to anyone. Never hold anger or grudges. Useless ugly emotions will make us ill. How would you want to be treated? Treat others the same as you want to be treated. We are only vessels for our spirits that will live on forever. There is good and evil so always chose good over evil. Hope this helps! :)

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yes treat others how you want to be treated  - that includes animals and the earth too. Love one another. End all warfare.
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Life has a lot of purpose,but the stress of life and everyday activity can keep us preoccupied that we don't have time to appreciate the beautiful thing around us.But it is important that no matter what we do we find joy in it.
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Different people will have different opinions on this. Knowing the true purpose of our life isn't something that comes all of a sudden or just in a day but takes a series of efforts.I feel that we begin to realize the purpose of our life when we learn to give, care for the needy, help one another not expecting something in return but to find peace.Learning to focus on what's truly important like loving our parents and closed ones unconditionally,being kind, hardworking is important. We need to accept that one day, all of us have to die,we came empty handed and have to leave empty handed, so why bother much about anything. Leaving peacefully, satisfied but at the same time working hard to improve ourselves and caring  for people really helps to find peace. 
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The purpose of life is to serve mankind. God has gifted us with many resources around us so that we can help one another. Life is short . We have to do many things in this short span of life.
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To live happily and do help people in their lives. We got a short amount of time to make a mark in this world. So it is better if we can spend our lives not thinking too much about what is going to happen. Instead try to live in the present moments.


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Purpose of life is to find the purpose of life, yes my friend your question is itself depicts the answer...we all are here for some higher purpose and slowly we all realise it...just give some time and try to focus on your strengths and soon with time you will start realising your small goals, whose achievement will take you one step closer to your life's purpose....

Hope it helps
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I strongly believe we are living here for some reason. The reasons might be to help others, to make others smile, to punish someone who did mistake, to love, etc. The purpose of life is to help each other and live happily. 
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