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I am 24 years old and i've never been hugged or kissed someone. Can you help me by describing how hugging and kissing feels like?
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Well that depends. Are you a hugger and have you at least been kissed on the cheek? If you are intimate with the person that you want a hug and kiss from then it's an explosive feeling (to me at ... I suppose it depends on the person and how much they like the other party they are going to hug and kiss. Are you the Hugger or the Huggee? Kisser or kissee? Hope this helps a little! :)

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Well, I've never been hugged or kissed someone so i wouldn't know if i am a hugee
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Everyone deserves hugs and kisses and they can mean so many different things. 

Speaking from my own experience a hug or kiss is comforting if I am upset, it is a great way of expressing love and affection and gives a feel of elation. When everything is wrong it can make you feel that things will be ok so if you get the opportunity to hug someone, go for it. Not only will it make you feel good but it will also make the other person happy too so I hope someone will hug you really soon.
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When we receive hug and kiss from our beloved one is feel like a heaven. Hugging is always a good feel. While hugging one can feel safe and secure. Kissing is one of the best feel to express our love.
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