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Most of the home improvement projects don't add value to your home. So here are some home improvement tips to raise the value of your home.

Increase light and space: When it comes in case of real estate, dark and small houses don't add value to your home. To enhance the natural light, the first thing that homeowners do is open up the house. To brighten up space, consider knocking down some walls.

Update or add bathrooms: It will be the potential loss to the buyers if there are not enough bathrooms or if they are unfashionable. Updating your bathroom amenities or adding an extra bathroom if there is available space will really increase the home's sale appeal.

Update your Kitchen: While remodeling your kitchen, you should be very careful since they can really add value to your home. You can update outdated cabinets as well as recover old flooring with hardwood or vinyl options.

Consider adding a deck: If you decide to spend money on adding a deck, then it will surely regain more than 80 percent of its cost at sale.

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