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It depends on the climate conditions in your area. In India, especially in the South, the first thing that people used to grow is Tomato. It occupies less space , suitable for the climate and the main thing is that it can be used in your food. 
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By greenhouse, I would assume that you are referring to an agricultural structure where an individual can control the environment or protect plants grown from extreme environment. Since this may be a huge investment compared to growing crops in open areas, I think other than choosing which crop is easy to grow, you also need to consider its value for money.

Typically, high value crops such as lettuce, cucumber, carrots and other leafy vegetables which for instance cannot tolerate extrme hot or cold temperatures. Other than being able to grow them easily, these crops are highly marketable. 
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Vegetables grow is a greenhouse are- radishes, beet spinach, chard, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, turnips, french beans, marrows and courgettes , lettuce and many more vegetables are very easy to grow. Many gardeners do well with tomatoes,pepper and chilli in a greenhouse. 


It very much depends on your climate and how much rain and sunshine you get.
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Tomato's and carrots are good and easy to grow. Other than that I prefer onion, any type of spinach, leafy vegetables and etc.

It is good to have vegetables in our home and it is healthy also. Good luck.
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