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Why web forums are shutting down? Is there any scope for starting a new discussion forum?
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I wouldn't say they are a failure but they are certainly less popular than they were when I first started out in 2012. I belong to two paid forums and I know for a fact that one of them is struggling to stay afloat. I have also belonged to many that have eventually disappeared completely.

One of the reasons is poor content. Google awards advertising on quality content and it is noticeable that some of the posts contributed to these forums are of very poor quality. This ends in the forum owner having to fund his site himself which cannot continue indefinitely.

There is definitely scope for starting new discussions forums and many unpaid forums have been going for some time like Quora. People are posting there because they are genuninely interested in the questions posted there and not trying to make a fast buck. Perhaps this is where the secret lies.
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Quora is not a discussion forum. It is a q&a site (question and answer website) like Answeree. Unlike forums here are precise answers to a question instead of endless discussions without solving the key point.
That's true but I still think that the fact some forums are paid has a lot to do with the quality of content and the downfall of many forums. People will post any random comment if they think they will get paid so the quality of the forum drops, the advertising becomes non existent and the forum fails.

If a forum is unpaid people join because they are genuinely interested in what the forum is about so will have interesting discussions. I belong to a Smart Car forum and I go there for advice because I know people know what they are talking about. 

Were you talking about paid or unpaid forums?
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