Will allergies go away forever? How to stop an allergy?
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Back in 1979, my GF had an allergy to grass so I told her to take a B vitamin pantothenic acid, called "panto". After that, she wanted to mow the lawn all the time because it felt so good to be free of the irritation. That is my only experience with that information. It might work for you and it might not. But at least B vitamins are safe and cheap.
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Eat healthy foods. Wear a mask when you go outside. Drink more water. Wash up. Each time you go inside you bring small pieces of the outside world with you. Consider Alternative treatments like Butterbur. If allergies exist, consult with a doctor. 
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You can't. That is like altering the DNA which takes generations and is not even possible. You have to find ways with medicines and also you have to push yourself mentally to make the placebo effects of those allergies on your life. That seems to be one thing that we can do. Not a lot can be done but we can definitely control its effect on the mind and some amount of the body. 
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As of right now, allergies are incurable. The investigation of prospective treatments is still ongoing. People can take steps to lessen their exposure to the allergen causing allergic reactions.
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To get rid of allergies, you have to address the gut and allergy if you want your allergies to go away forever. Gut bacteria may be able to re-wire the immune system to tolerate allergens and protect against allergies. Removing gluten from the diet can profoundly relieve allergy symptoms by allowing the gut to recover and repair.

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