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I have seen a lot of women getting married and I notice some of their make up is not suit how they look at the wedding day. Best make up tips it use a light make something that is not too heavy and look like a clown. 

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It depends on your style/budget/clothes/decoration for the wedding, I would say.

Some like really heavy makeup, some prefer natural beauty. Matching your makeup with the decor for the wedding gives a nice touch for the pictures.

Pearly shine, some pink and blush hurt no one. Make sure you just dont wear anything too heavy or non tear-proof...or your face could end up smeared in the pictures :)

Mostly, do what you are most comfortable with. There is no need to spend thousands with make up either, some use drugstore makeup and look gorgeous, so :)

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Bridal makeup is not just about the make-up artist or the brand of cosmetics that you chose. It is also about getting prepared from a couple of months before the wedding, to get enough sleep and have a healthy diet. At the end of the day, if the brides face looks tired from all the wedding activities and shopping, no matter how much make up the bride has on, the eyes and face will give out the tiredness. There may even be chances of pimples.

Best tips to follow for Bridal Makeup :

1. As a bride prepare yourself to be healthy and get enough sleep

2. Keep tensions away and concentrate on being the most positive and beautiful bride you want to be

3. Research online. Go to Facebook and Instagram pages. Contact the top make-up artists and discuss your requirements and budget with them.

4. If you find someone within your budget, go for make-up and hair styling trials to have an idea of which foundation and makeup suits your skin tone

5. Keep your face and body moisturized well before make up, to avoid having a dry face

6. Stay hydrated to get that natural glow post makeup

7. Go with products that will accentuate your facial features in a moderate way. Use a highlighter to highlight your cheek bones.

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