Do your crush think you are more attractive than really you are?
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One thing about us as human is that we are social animal,sorry if I make use of such terms.It is normal for use to take an interest in other especially if it a member of the opposite sex we found attractive,but in a nutshell we can never tell what is going on people mind,the only thing we can do is build up courage,and start a conversation with the person.
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Is it not the other way around? That when we have a crush on someone, they get to be "perfect" in our eyes. We look past their imperfections, and tend to see the goodness in them--even the things that other people find annoying seems to be attractive for us.
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Having a crush means you like something about her and find her attractive although you knew her bad side, it's still understandable for you
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perhaps..yes. When you seems to like anyone , you begin to find reasons to get attracted towards them more and thats why you start finding positive things in them and ignoring bad ones. No one is perfect, likes and dislikes are all about..if you are willing to see good in them and support them in their dark sides.
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It is a normal feeling to be attracted to our crushes in life. It is fact that we tend to like them because of their physical attributes. The downside of having such an attraction, the feeling will not last. It is far better to know them deeper than physical. Most men showed their interest to a woman physically. Eventually, the feeling is temporary. 
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Sometimes but not always, your crush may not even noticed you or may see you differently like in friendship zone, engaging the mind is what gets things flowing and open. People are different so their attitude are different as well not everything applies to every body.
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Maybe because she look away to avoid issues from the people around you. Just an opinion, still depends on the person.
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It depends because everyone sees things differently hence it is not possible to generalize it that way. You never know what is going on in other person's mind. 
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maybe if the feeling is mutual then she will find that feeling to me the same way I feel for her. Being attractive is no always by the looks, for me it's how you impress someone not only by being good-looking but also your confidence 
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Being attractive we see ourselves as better looking than we actually are. Your crush sees you and if you're in love this is one of a sign that you're more attractive than you think. People may attract to be about your physical, and people see you as 20% more attractive than you think you are. 
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Exactly because when you begin to confess your love and you are telling them how beautiful and attractive they are, they would begin to blush, and that is what it means.
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No I don't think so. I have not even witnessed such from own crush because it seems the world loves only themselves. My crush has not said such but maybe in the future she will. Who knows?
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