I was defrauded by FTO capital worth 95,000 euro . It was a shock to me since it was my first time trying to invest on the internet . i started searching ways to recover until i found this video on youtube few days ago . They changed my life and recovered all my funds. This should help anyone who has been a victim of any financial form of scam.

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If you ever lost your your bitcoin wallet , password and your investment, kindly contact www. Key-puncher.com , or Nicolas is always available to help you retrieve your bitcoin with certain proofs. You don’t need to be scared he’s capable of getting back your password , lost wallet , recover text messages and even call logs , he’s versatile and this is why I recommend him. Contact him though whatsap line : +17403158738 or visit www. Key-puncher .com 

You will find useful details from here. Thanks . 
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I am sure that this is your big lesson in life. As for me, I always thought that this binary scheme is a scam. So I never dared to join this kind of business. There are so many scammers who still cheating innocent people.
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