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The whole theory of Seahorse says it is Male which breeds the eggs and take care of the born, but normally it is the female which gives birth and take care of the born.

So which side might be true?

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The male seahorse has a pouch that is designed to carry the eggs. During the mating season, the female will deposit her eggs in the male's pouch. The male fertilizes the eggs and carries them there for safe keeping. This is normally for 9 to 45 days. The male knows when each egg is fully developed and the small seahorse is ready to be released. The male pouch can hold up to 2000 eggs at a time. 

During the breeding season, the male can mate again within a few hours after releasing the babies or it could be a few days. The male and female do a courtship and interlock their tails in a form of a dance. This can last a few days or up to 8 hours. When the courtship is finished the female will deposit her eggs in the pouch of the male. 

So no science is correct and it is the male seahorse that will carry the eggs in his pouch to fertilize them and release them once they are fully mature after 10 to 25 days or up to 45 days in some cases. The male can breed several times during the mating season. He can find another female within hours of releasing the babies and the female can deposit her eggs into his pouch again for him to carry them and release them once they are fully developed. 

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