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Having braces is difficult at the beginning, but as time passes on it will be okay to stay with braces as we are used to it by then. Eating foods will be little difficult mainly that are sticky. Brushing will take time to clean properly. Overall will be a different experience, but a need for problems in oral health.
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I don't have those braces but my sister does, for her she's using them for fun especially for beauty purposes.In deed,they make her look beautiful. The problem comes in when she's eating, she always struggle eating with them on and at times she's forced to eat first then put them on.Besides that problem I usually realise her way of talking while they're in the teeth and when not its very different. She always get a hard time communicating with them.
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When I was younger it was not a great experience to have braces in school. The kids would tease you and call you all sorts of names. I needed braces, but I refused to have them put on. So I waited until I was an adult to have my braces. By this time there were so many people in braces it actually didn't matter one way or the other. In one way I was happy I didn't have this done when I was young. 

At first, it wasn't so easy to have braces on my teeth and the first week was the worse. They put on the brackets but left the wires off so I had a chance to get used to the brackets. This was very painful and it cut the sides of my mouth and made it very difficult to eat the first few days.

Once the wires and bands were put on this was easier and less painful. Now they install the brackets, wires, and bands all at once. The first few days after having the wires put on my teeth were sore and it wasn't so much fun to eat. Each time you needed to go back in and the wires changed your teeth would be sore for a few days afterward. All in all, you got used to this and understood after your wires were changed, you'd better hurry up and eat before your teeth were sore and it hurt to eat. 

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There were two reasons why I feared having braces. The first was the pain it might cause and the second was the fear of having metal stuck on my teeth. I badly needed an orthodontic treatment but kept running away from it up to the age of 20 years. It was when I started realizing that my crooked teeth made me look ugly, I decided to go ahead with it.

The journey was not easy. The first day when the brackets and separators were put left me with pain and ulcers. I took a long time to adapt to the pressure caused by the metal wire on my teeth. All I could eat was soft food. The biggest challenge for me was to stay away from sticky foods like cheese, pizza, and burgers.

But, later on, as my teeth started getting into shape, I started loving my braces. All the pain had now vanished and I could comfortably eat with them. It took a period of 18 months to get my teeth back into shape. But, the end results were really worth all the pains that were taken during period.

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My son had braces on his teeth at the age of 13 because his teeth were a little crooked. One of the things they stress before you have them fitted is you must clean your teeth thoroughly twice a day or else they will become decayed. Food collects around the brace and affects the enamel if it's not removed.

It was not cool to have a brace when he was at school so he did everything he could to get them removed. He deliberately did not clean his teeth and eventually the orthodontist removed it as he was worried he would suffer from tooth decay. Having said that his teeth are quite straight today as he had some back teeth taken out to make room for those that were overcrowded. Sometimes they will offer this as another option.
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I am wearing braces for 3 years now and I only have one word to describe my experience: awful.

During the first few weeks, it was really hard to even get the food in my mouth, as merely opening my lips gives me so much pain so what more if I am to bite and chew them. I then resorted to only consuming a lot of soup and soft breads. I lost a few pounds but I really didn't enjoy the process. There were also a lot of times when the wires would cut the side of my mouth and the endpoints would cause them to bleed a little.
During adjustment period comes the worse part. The bands that you got used to for quite a time would then be replaced; hence, they'll be more tightened to the point where I really can feel my teeth move.

These are just some of the things that I had to endure. And although wearing braces give me so much pain, I still think the benefits will outweigh this painful experience. I look forward to the time when my dentist will say, "All done!"
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