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Man was created for development, just like a child who set out for school to learn. The parent expects to see improvement in knowledge and thinking also in abilities to take decisions and become independent. Man can also be compared to a seed, the expectation is that when planted the seed should be able to grow and yield fruits. 
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We all are created to experience every emotion of the human and to learn positivity from something good and experience this world fully and spread a lot of positivity in this world..    
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God created us to learn and advance in knowledge of his ways. Although people can get a secular education to prepare them for success in this life only Godly knowledge and application can give let them succeed in the goal of going to heaven.
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Because we can create the beautiful world. We can help each other and support to other animals and birds. Keeping safe all environment. The god is believed to man he is working hard and following natural law.
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God was there in the beginning and before the beginning of everything. He created us so as we can be Co creators with Him. Take care of His creation and enjoy the beauty of earth and the promised place in Heaven. 
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It's a good question 

First god created us because a fault of adam (first person god created him) he didn't obey god and eated the apple he was deceived by Satan

So God sent adam and eve and Satan and created our world to see who will obey him 

And that's how we are here 
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