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 Yes frogs can drink water because any thing in this world depends on water to survive  just like humans ;insects,animals and plants also drinks water to  prevent them from dehydration and also to keep them moist.
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The frog does not drink water like us, they directly absorb water from their skin in which these areas are known as drinking patch.
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Yes frog can drink water but they can drink water like us every thing in the earth depend on water and use water expect something that does not base on water
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Frogs do not drink water but instead they absorb water through their skin from a place called patch which is located under the stomach and legs. This is common for all amphibians, they also use their skin to absorb oxygen for breathing purpose. 
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Frogs do consume water. Some of the frogs who live in the rocks area, they tend to search for water and do consume it. For those who already live nearby water sources. Those frogs have skin that consumes and secrets the water from the body. 
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