What is Website speed and how to improve?
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The initial loading time of the website or webpage is usually called as website speed. If it takes a longer time to load a web page can cause a decrease in traffic and bounce rate. There are a lot of website speed test tools available online. One of them is Google's PageSpeed Insights.
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After research about Website speed, I found 12 Techniques of website speed optimization. Website speed makes the first impression of your business. Low Website speed is one of the most frustrating things that will turn people off about your resource. Let's have a look at key factors of website success how the website speed optimization influence: 

  • Conversion
  • Visibility
  • Usability
Here is the 12 Techniques to speed up your website:
  1. Use a Content Delivery Network
  2. Move your website to a better host
  3. Optimize the size of images of your website
  4. Reduce the Number of Plugins
  5. Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files
  6. Use website caching
  7. Implement Gzip Compression
  8. Database Optimization in CMS
  9. Reduce the use of web fonts 
  10. Detect 404 errors
  11. Reduce Redirect and
  12. Use Prefetching techniques.
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