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The best time is to 10am - 12am local time. I have been a social media influencer from a long time. My experience says this...
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It seemed to me that it was better to use different times for different target audiences.
But if you don't fix your time ... Then you will lose the required audience timing so... It's better to have a fixed timing.
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 For me what I can say is that there is no best time to post on  instagram because what will work for me may not work for you depending with your niche . As for me I normally get more traffic during weekends and weekdays starting from 5.00pm to 1.00am but also off peak hours can also bring more traffic.
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The best Time to post on the 'Instagram' is the Night Time.At this Time you should post because people be at their Home and they use the 'Internet' in this Time.
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9 pm to 2 am is the best time as majority of people are online and keep refreshing their feeds. Most likes that you will get will be in this time range. Try it. 
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