I want to use my Instagram acc on my computer, but I cannot do it. Tell me, please is it possible and how can do it?
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Yes, it's possible. 

You have to do this first.

Download the Instagram app for windows from window app store.

Install and launch the app on your PC.

Then sign in with your account.
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for messaging on instagram app in pc you can use app.

if you want to do that with web follow these steps

open instagram in chrome

go to settings

more tools

developer tools

click on the device name.i prefer galaxy

now reload the page by pressing f5 or ctrl+r
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First you need to go  Instagram.com and create an account, i think you already have, if your using a PC you can not send a direct massage, so the only way you can do is to use the google chrome extension called Downloader for Instagram + Direct message chrome extension

Install the extension then you good to go, 


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I don't know if in the PC it's possible, however I use tablet and I can send instagram DM with any browsers, both in mobile and desktop mode.There is paper plan button (message button) at top right of the browser in instagram.com.
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