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Hello, Okay so this is a lot to unpack so stay with me here. I'm currently on summer break until mid August when I start the new school year, This should give me time to get ready, right? Wrong! My drama teacher decided that she was going to post the casting for our two school plays, West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet, midway through the summer so we could learn our lines before we get back to school- already a problem. She cast me as Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet which I was most definitely NOT happy about. I hate Romeo and Juliet, and Shakespeare even more. If I took out all the rape jokes in that stupid ******* play I'd be left with only half the script. The character have no real background motivation and are very one-dimensional, and the characters emotions aren't written very well, no one just says "wow I'm so sad :(" when something bad happens to them. I was really hoping that she would cast me in West Side Story for two reasons, one) It's my dad's favorite movie of all time two) I really like to sing and dance, but alas that didn't ******* happen! She then put out TWO scripts for Romeo and Juliet, both of which are over 100 pages, and she wants us to memorize BOTH within the next month. Lucky me god decided to give me ADHD which seriously effects my memory and focus skills, memorizing a script is no problem, but it normally takes me 4 weeks, which only leaves me ONE week for the other script! This play has got me so worked up that I start to shake and cry just thinking about it. Summer is supposed to be me having fun with my friends and taking time off to take care of myself, but no, I have to memorize this stupid ******* play written by some ugly *** dead dude who was a mediocre writer and actor. What do I do?

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Dont fret over teacher would really EXPECT any student to memorize hundreds of pages for a play. Just chill, first of all. If you really have to do this play, then do it (for grades etc....cause truth be told plays in schools are just a waste of time...a huge one indeed). This will not make a single difference in your life, unless you like acting and want to pursue a career...otherwise find a way to skip it, cuz it is just a huge waste of time and effort...I am saying this because I have been in your place and have also been a teacher...

Shakespeare is a good writer, dont point your anger towards him, but we would hate anything that is imposed to us. Plus these plays at schools always do the original no justice.

I mean, if your teacher told you to study some math, some language or whatever else that would be useful for real life (say finance, or whatever adults need), ok, I would tell you to try a bit...but for a play...christ, dont even bother.
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I'm so sorry you are so worried about this play and having to memorize the script for a play that you didn't want to be in. You are right summer should be fun and you should enjoy your time off school. You are still young and need to relax and have fun right now. So here is what you can do about all this.

  1. To make this easier and more fun, get with your friends and make a joke about this play. Like you said you ware cased a horrible role by your teacher. Now you need to make the best of all this. Get your friends to help you out. When you are together, joke around about this and have fun. Get each one of them to read the script and play your role and you the role of another. This way the more you read the script the easier it will be to memorize it.
  2. You have a smartphone, all you need to do is record a few pages at a time on your phone. Now stick in your earbuds and listen to it play back to you. They do say that if you fall to sleep listening to this it will stick with you longer. This way you have your days to yourself and can be free to have fun.
  3. If you hate the role so much, then it is now up to you to make the role all your own. Be the best character that you can. Make your parents love this play and make them proud of you and your acting skills. To make this happen when you around the house or eating dinner start to recite some of the lines of the play. Ask them if they like this voice or try another one. Ask them to help you develop your character. This will help you like the play more and your parents will be happy to talk to you about this and help you chose how your character will be on stage. This will make you feel so much better about your role in this play. 
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You just have to calm down to think straight and allow yourself adapt to the play naturally. Anxiety is an emotion that can be controlled and you're the one in a perfect position to calm yourself down.I'm sure your play role teacher saw you as a perfect pick for that role so don't allow your emotion ruined that.

First thing just let go of all the bias or dislike you have for the role or character you're playing,refocus your energy on something positive,you wouldn't move forward with negative energy,so change that to positive vibes and start internalizing your script and memorizing your words.Just change your mindset about the play to be able to see beyond the negatives you are seeing now about the  story and your role.

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